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When you strive for a better world with your business, we're right there beside you making sure your digital presence is as transformative as your mission.

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A collection of three photographs that identify the spirit of the White Raven brand. The sun peaking through the shape of a heart made by placing two hands together to form one. A holographic moon with vector lines around it levitating off the open palms of a designer against a purple background. Someone's legs dangling from atop a black brick wall with the words

What's an Impact Agency?

Uplifting Brands that Make a Difference

With every pixel & strategy, White Raven commits our passion, energy & technological expertise to one purpose: amplifying the impact of brands that build a more sustainable, equitable world for us all.

To the Power of HubSpot:

  • Most Secure Website Platform on the Planet
  • Marketing Systems that Work (all in one place)
  • Onboarding, Training & Implementation 
  • Vegan Team for Vegan Businesses
  • Lab Grown Diamonds & Fine Jewelry Expertise (eCommerce on Shopify w/HubSpot integration)
Asset 11

Often hunting in groups, ravens collaborate to trap & kill prey twice their size.

How We Build Your Brand

HubSpot Expertise + Strategy + Data

White Raven empowers you with a HubSpot solution & marketing strategy perfect for your specific business - for plenty of data-driven insights to build community, website traffic & sustainable sales.
A closeup of a person reading data from colorful graphs and charts shown on a laptop screen and a mobile screen.

To the Power of HubSpot

We'll Show You the Way, & Do the Work

When you have a secure, easy-to-use custom website on HubSpot CMS - you also get the power of the top Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to go with it.

That way, your website works for you 24/7 to engage visitors & inspire them to buy long after they've left your site.

We can teach you how that works & get you set up for long-term success. 

Rotating images of screenshots from the HubSpot User Interface showing all the data, functionality, and ease-of-use available through the HubSpot suite of tools.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

Newsletters 101

With HubSpot Marketing hub, you have the power to seamlessly automate nurture emails & marketing campaigns to all your delighted website visitors so you can bring them into your inner circle & begin to build true brand evangelists who promote you to others. 


Sales Made Easier Than Ever

HubSpot Sales Pro...Pros!

Every sales team deserves a tool that makes it easy to keep track of conversations, conversions & data that shows how badass you are (and makes things so much easier).

How about one that's connected seamlessly to marketing, service & your content management system (your website), eh? Pretty cool. 

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Ready to Hire the Ravens?

We Are All HubSpot Certified & Owners

Invested in outstanding performance,
from start to finish.


About White Raven

All Partners, All In

As rare as the White Raven itself, our studio is vastly unique.
In every interaction, you're working with an owner—each of us guarantees our full attention,
investment & a personal stake in your brand's growth.
  1. Strategy Partner

    Jerry Dinsmore

    Jerry is a bitch (1080 × 1080 px)
    Strategist, Analyst, Consultant 

    Army Engineer | HubSpot Expert | Shopify Expert

    Creating & building new things has been a big part of what Jerry has loved to do most since he was a kid.

    And it shows. 

    As Strategic Partner at White Raven, he gets up every day excited to tap into his keen, unique brand of creativity & critical thought to deliver specific solutions for the very specific issues our clients struggle with in their businesses. 

    Jerry is a listener, a leader & a deeply GOOD person who has natural empathy for what others are going through. He’s articulate, brilliant & makes everyone feel at home & safe knowing that he *will* find a way forward. 

    Jerry says, “It is amazing when you can find purposeful work that speaks to you on a core level like website strategy & design does for me.” 

    He's an army veteran, a dad to 4 amazing kiddos & he loves to game & talk shop with his 3 ravens. 

  2. Creative Partner

    Sarah Michelle Dinsmore

    Sarah (1)
    Branding, Design, Consultant

    BFA in Fine Arts | Brand Development Expert | Fine Jewelry & Luxury Brand Expert 

    Sarah is a brand enthusiast with some bite.

    She’s spent years diving into the world of branding & marketing & exploring the magical realm of storytelling, design & consumer experiences - & she knows a thing or two about how to make your brand spark to life for your North Star clients. 

    Her passion for creating meaningful connections between brands & people led her to some big adventures with measurable impact - from crafting exciting campaigns to leading creative teams. 

    Now, she’s set to rock as a Creative Partner here at White Raven to bring her creative flair & strategic chops together to take your brand to new heights. 

    Sarah’s a mom of 4 vegan kiddos - & in her (very) spare time, she loves to dive ocean reefs & play FFXIV with friends.

  3. Creative Partner

    Ginny Grimsley

    Ginny (1080 × 1080 px)
    Conversion Consultant, SEO Specialist, Data Analyst

    PhD in English | SEO Expert | HubSpot Expert 

    Curious, highly empathetic, and a little neurospicy, Ginny's been interested in how the Internet & SEO work since 1994, when she built one of the first 10K websites on the planet during her doctoral study at the University of Southern Mississippi's Center for Writers. 

    She's a poet, a futurist, an AI ethicist & an advocate & activist for the transgender community nationwide.

    She's unreasonably into trees, playing FFXIV with friends & her long, weekly talks with her 23yo son, Sam.  

  4. Gaming Partner

    Jayme Hacker

    Jayme (1080 × 1080 px) (1)
    Game Design & Implementation, Gaming Consultant
    BA in Game Design | Gaming Specialist 

  5. Technologist Partner

    Bryan Ossa

    Bryan (2)
    Technologist, Strategist, Consultant

    BA in Art & Tech | HubSpot Expert | AI Expert

    Tinkering and optimizing is Bryan's lifeblood. It is what gets him up in the morning and keeps him motivated throughout the day.

    He has spent well over a decade playing at the intersection of technology, strategy, and operations within a variety of industries to craft solutions that drive growth.

    Bryan is keen to disrupt the status quo and uses this passion to drive advocacy for positive change and mental health. He simply wants the world to be a better place.

    He partnered at White Raven, combining his knowledge with the wealth of experience already present to help make a difference.

    Bryan has an absurd amount of interests as diverse as his neural pathways - games, the outdoors, engines, music - you name it, he probably enjoys it.

  1. Discovery Strategy

    Deep Dive

    Exploring the depths of your business to fully understanding needs & wants. Identifying goals, hatching a plan of attack. 

    Your journey with White Raven begins with Jerry Dinsmore—a discerning, empathetic listener & a natural leader.

    Backed by in-depth Google & HubSpot expertise, Jerry works in tandem with the team to crafts bespoke strategies that resonate with your values & specific needs.

    Clients adore Jerry, not just for his business acumen, but for his commitment to elevating brands that make a meaningful impact.

    Jerry & the team ensure you get the right tools, no more, no less, setting the stage for sustainable growth and purpose-driven success.

  2. Continuity Experience

    Brand Alignment

    Making your brand experience and UI come to life, pulling out elements and graphics to support the vision.

    Meet Sarah Michelle Dinsmore, your creative powerhouse.

    With an MA in Design, plus extensive Shopify & HubSpot expertise, she's the architect behind your brand's visual narrative.

    Sarah skillfully blends color, font & story to create designs that are not only stunning but resonate deeply with your target audience.

    She's quick to grasp your brand's essence, transforming it into compelling visuals to build a cohesive customer experience.

  3. SEO Copy

    Customer Journey Creation

    Content mapping & execution. The who, what, why, & how's to help your clients feel understood, educated & hooked! 

    Introducing Ginny, your go-to for compelling copy & SEO magic.

    A HubSpot expert, she listens attentively & crafts content that not only speaks your brand's language but drives traffic & sales.

    Specializing in both on-site and off-site SEO, she's a lateral thinker who harmonizes your brand voice & SEO strategy, setting the stage perfectly for the next step in your marketing journey.

    Ginny is the linchpin who ties your narrative to numbers.

  4. Marketing Strategy

    Marketing Systems Implementation

    Once we have our eggs in the right position, its time to heat those babies up! Planning out purposeful cross functional advertising campaigns to grow brand audience & engagements.

    Next up & constant in your journey is Jayme - the architect of your digital marketing landscape.

    With expertise in HubSpot, Google & a plethora of social media channels where your ideal customer is most likely to visit, he listens carefully to understand exactly what level of consistency your marketing strategy needs in order to work best for you. 

    A savvy data analyst, Jayme crafts foolproof strategies and actionable insights, ensuring your marketing efforts never miss the mark.

Asset 13

Building nests up to 5 feet wide by 2 feet deep, ravens naturally build sustainable communities for the whole flock, not just for themselves. 

At Our Core

Build a Bigger Nest

We're dedicated to working only with brands that believe in making the world a better place through fair trade, sustainable practices, eco-friendly packaging & shipping - and doing right by all life on the planet.

Is your brand one of those rare birds?




None of us can do this alone. To sustain our businesses, we must build community, not just relationships. 

How we build it:

  • Identify Your Ideal Customers
  • Educate with the Right Marketing
  • Get Your Brand Aligned, Exactly
  • Nurture Your Contacts Forever
  • HubSpot, HubSpot, HubSpot



Every partner at White Raven is a lateral thinker hell-bent on helping good people do great things. You're next. 

How we do it:

  • Active Listening
  • Constant Collaboration
  • Communication Systems in Place
  • Curiosity & Research
  • Google + HubSpot + MORE HubSpot


B2B + B2C

We're B2B specialists, but we have massive experience & understand the specific needs of B2B & B2C brands.

Why we do it:

  • Every good brand deserves it
  • Consumers need vegan brands now
  • Small businesses need promotion
  • We understand both
  • Shopify + HubSpot = eCommerce Magic
Asset 15


Ready to Hire The Ravens?

Send a Raven

Fly Further, Build More

Embark on your flight with White Raven & amplify your impact.

Reach out & let us help you spread your brand's wings, win hearts & change the world one click at a time.

We're right here.
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